Motion Designer, Cinematographer & Photographer
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Bridge House

BRidge House


P–SLab® is an experimental series curated by Australian creative studio Pretty–Soon®. Bridge House is this first in this series.

Imagining a series of ‘Anomalies’ — abstract sculptural forms that respond to and foreshadow the architectural themes of Dan Brunn Architecture's Bridge House. The short film features original music by Detroit-based electronic artist Shigeto.

Instigators & Producers: Pretty–Soon®

Architect: Dan Brunn Architecture

Original Music: Shigeto

Colorist: Daniel Orentlicher

Motion Design & Cinematography: Matthew Lawless



Shot on the A7Sii with a Zeiss 15mm Prime Lens.

Anomalies were created in C4D and rendered with Octane Render.

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HDRI Images were created with Theta V 360 camera.